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An eye examination is a battery of tests performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist surveying vision and capacity to concentrate on and observe objects, and also different tests and examinations relating to the eyes. All individuals ought to have occasional and intensive eye examinations as a feature of routine care by the essential care doctor, particularly since many eye maladies are quiet or asymptomatic. Eye examinations may identify conceivably treatable blinding eye maladies, visual indications of fundamental sickness, or indications of tumors or different abnormalities of the cerebrum. Here are eye and vision tests that you are probably going to experience amid a thorough eye exam: • A standard eye outline. • Cover test to check eye arrangement. • Manual refraction with a phoropter. • Opening light exam of the front of the eye. • Applanation tonometry (glaucoma test).* • Exam of retina after student expansion.

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