Just wanted to say thank you to Pro-Vision for the exceptional service I received and commend your store for providing such a great product & service. I am delighted for being in your store...my wife's glasses are perfect! You have earned our business and we will certainly be back. Thanks again for the great service. All the Best,

Mr. Mahesh

Thank you so much Mr. Raja Reddy. This is fantastic customer service. I have no hesitation recommending you guys to all my friends and you can be assured I will be buying all my frames from you in future. I am so impressed. Thanks again.

Mr. Manish Paul

I am Mr. Suresh wanted to let Pro-Vision know how pleased I am with the lenses you made. I had no idea just how badly the local eyewear store did on my last glasses until I had you re-make them. The local people gave me the impression I had to buy the most expensive lenses available and did a terrible job on the grinding, which cost me twice as much as your lenses. You've got it all: great prices, choices, and quality. Thank you again,

Mr. Suresh Aggrawal
Marketing and sales manager

Hi Im Melvin, USA, last week I had been to provision and was assist by Mr. Raja Reddy. He was very friendly and recommended Rimless frame with Kodak MR8 Lens. The quality of product was mind blowing and the made spectacles was very light in weight. I love my glasses. Great prices, Choices and quality. All my future glasses and frames will be bought through them. Thank you and all the best.

Mr. Melvin
Business development manager

I just wanted to say a ton of thanks to Mr. Raja for guiding & recommending me in selecting the frames and lenses and he is the best counselor for the first time spectacles users. Display and presentation of the frames is a “wow factor”. There is no hesitation recommending them to all my friends. Once again thank you.

Ms. Jessey
Nutrition and diet counselor